Calculate your water costs / per year:

A pub is taken as an example to demonstrate the savings that you can make by employing URIMAT urinals.
(Male staff use the urinals on average 4 times a day during working hours.)
(Each time the urinal is flushed, 4 litres of drinking water is wasted on average.)
Potential savings litre/year
Calculate your water costs.

Save money and protect the environment!

People need to go without in order to provide long-term protection of the environment! Thanks to URIMAT it has never been easier to go without.  This is because with URIMAT you can still go without but not give up on life's conveniences.

Calculate for yourself and be surprised at not only how large the ecological advantages of waterless urinals are, but also how much money you can save.  
By the way, you can increase these financial savings by talking to our media partners about the advertising options with URIMAT.