Info and advertising messages ideally placed
You cannot escape advertising on the URIMAT. Depending on the model, the urinals from URIAMT offer either static, sensor steered backlit advertising displays or high-resolution LCD-screens with animated messages that hit home within your target group.

A modern and audience-specific medium that allows to address specific target groups in the most effective way. Turning away, zapping away and browsing is not possible! A surprising visual contact effect is guaranteed.

Users spend an average of 40 seconds at the urinal
Ample time for your message - whether advertising or company philosophy! Many firms have already recognised the potential of this advertising surface. Take a  look at some examples.

Additional revenue for your business
Operators of URIMAT systems have an important added value. By hiring out the info display offered by the URIMAT ecoplus, ecoinfo, ecovideo or by all the URIMAT compact models to advertisers; additional revenues can be generated. 

The active use of the integrated advertising display makes the employment of URIMAT even  more valuable!