Welcome to URIMAT Belgium!

Our promise: savings of average 100‘000 litres of drinking water per year. No water consumption. No chemicals. No odour. Co2 neutral in manufacture.

Welcome to URIMAT, the leading Swiss company for waterless sanitary solutions.


Award Winning Water Saver

URIMAT is erkend als de beste waterloze urinaal.

Saving potential

100,000 liters of water on average per year per urinal.

Environmental protection

Not only are we champions in environmental protection - we practise it, too.


Absolute hygiene, odeurloze grote service.


The installation is done with little effort in under 15 minutes.

Ingenious technology

Innovative and effective.

Service and support

URIMAT Belgium Emeis.be
Show Room & Office
Dreve de Dieleghem 14, DielegemseDreef
B-1090  Brussels

Tel: +32.2.420.15.90
Fax: +32.2.720.18.65