General Terms and Conditions

1. Terms of Delivery

The goods are placed at the disposal of Purchaser at the works of Urimat („EXW“). The Incoterms 2000 are applicable. Transport, customs, insurance, and taxes are to be borne by Purchaser. Deviating agreements confirmed by Urimat in writing are reserved.

2. Packaging

Purchaser will not be invoiced for the packaging. The packaging will not be taken back by Urimat.

3. Delivery Period

Deliver periods and delivery dates agreed upon between Purchaser and Urimat are prolonged or postponed in case of a force majeure event as well as in case of delayed supply of raw-material, semimanufactured goods and fully-manufactured goods by Urimat’s own suppliers.

4. Terms of Payment

For domestic deliveries, the invoice issued by Urimat is to be settled by Purchaser within 30 days upon receipt. After expiry of this payment period, Purchaser will automatically, without reminder, be in default and shall pay penalty interests of 5%. p.a. on the purchase price. In case of default of Purchaser, Urimat is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement without further proceedings, to claim return of the goods already delivered and to claim damages.
Deliveries to foreign countries are exclusively made against irrevocable letter of credit issued upon instruction of Purchaser and confirmed by a Swiss prime bank or prepayment

5. Defects of products

The Purchaser shall examine the quality of the goods immediately upon receipt and notify Urimat of any defects within 8 days upon receipt of the goods in writing, otherwise the goods are deemed to have been accepted, except for defects not recognisable in the course of a customary examination. If such defects are discovered at a later date, notification must be rendered in writing, immediately upon discovery.
Within a period of 2 years after receipt of the goods by Purchaser, Urimat shall, at its own choice, either replace or repair any defective goods at no additional charge of Purchaser. Any other remedies which Purchaser might have, such as rescission of the purchase agreement or reduction of purchase price, are excluded. Urimat shall not be liable for any defects, for which Urimat is not responsible including, but not limited to, ordinary wear and tear, defects due to force majeure, inappropriate handling, actions of purchaser or third parties, extraordinary use, unsuitable cleansing agent or extreme environmental conditions. In case of use of nonoriginal
URIMAT spare parts and products every liability is excluded.
The liability for any direct, indirect and consequential damages as well as the liability for loss of profit is excluded to the extent legally permissible. The Swiss Act on Product Liability is reserved.

6. Reservation of Ownership

Urimat remains the owner of the goods delivered until full settlement of the purchase price. Urimat is entitled to have the reservation of ownership registered. Purchaser undertakes to support Urimat in the registration of the reservation of ownership.

7. Other Agreements

Any agreements deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are valid only if confirmed by Purchaser and Urimat in writing.

8. Governing Law and Place of Jurisdiction

The relationship between Urimat and the Purchaser is governed by Swiss law, to the exclusion of the provisions of the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (“Vienna Convention”).

Place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of the relationship between Urimat and Purchaser is 8706 Meilen, Switzerland. However, Urimat is entitled to initiate legal proceedings against Purchaser at the ordinary place of jurisdiction of Purchaser.